Project Planning and Implementation

We realize that project management is a very broad discipline that is unique to every client. In support of that realization, we provide our clients with every technical, managerial, and administrative service required to achieve your goals and vision. The benefit of ICG’s value driven services through the full project lifecycle begins with technical and operational lease analysis culminating with final project close-out. We don’t stop until our client's needs are satisfied and their expectations fully met.

At each stage of the process, our services are distinguished by the meticulous attention we give to every detail. Scope, budget, and schedule are the critical elements and we manage all three aggressively by planning ahead to ensure seamless coordination and integration.

We work with our clients to develop RFPs to accurately identify the scope of work while reflecting our client’s needs, and create cost control and reporting procedures built to be compatible with your in-house accounting system and decision making processes.

As the design progresses we conduct on-going reviews comparing the designs with the established project objectives to determine the impact of every decision regarding budget, schedule, and quality. ICG provides guidance and sound recommendations to our client throughout every phase of your assignment. It is our responsibility to coordinate all members of the project team to ensure cost effective implementation.

Our services are fully scalable and we routinely adjust our scope of services to fit the unique needs of your organization. Being that our fees are based completely on the effort expended to complete a project, the adjustments to scope allow us to customize our approach to your budget enabling you to complete every project with Integrity.

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