Management Approach

While no two projects are ever alike, our team has applied the lessons learned from hundreds of successfully completed projects that has established a new benchmark for project management. Our experience has uniquely positioned us to develop the personalized and value driven approach that benefits our clients. By engaging true partner level involvement on every project, ICG provides outstanding service on every project.

The cornerstone of our approach lies in teambuilding which acts as the foundation of every project we manage.  Assembling the right team with the skills best suited for the technical requirements of the project and your specific needs enables us to move confidently through the project process.

Building on our team-centric foundation, ICG’s specialized financial controls further differentiate our services. The Design Phase Estimating and Cost Analytics and Reporting systems work to protect your interests by establishing financial goals; regularly validating the data; and keeping you in control of project data throughout the project.

Design Phase Estimating© - DPE

ICG employs cost control measures beginning with creating project budgets and supporting that data through in-house estimating at every phase of design. By enabling the team to identify issues as the design progresses, we can avoid surprises BEFORE the schedule and budget are jeopardized. The DPE enables ICG to obtain better pricing from contractors by protecting your project information from widespread distribution until you authorize it.

Cost Analytics and Reporting© - CAR

ICG continues our unique cost control measures by enrolling every project into the CAR system. Utilizing the budget as a benchmark (and validated through the DPE) CAR measures the project financial performance on a vendor by vendor basis. Every contract and invoice is analyzed, presented for your approval and entered on a line item basis.  ICG’s CAR system “drives” good policy while eliminating financial errors throughout the project lifecycle.

Earned Value Management - EVM

All of the controls implemented on your behalf have their roots in Earned Value Management which is a project management technique for measuring project performance and progress in an objective manner. EVM has the ability to combine measurements of scope, schedule and cost in a single integrated system that provides accurate indicators of project success. Using a three step process the schedule, budgets, and “earning rules” are tracked with the goal of improved scope definition and analysis of your overall project performance.

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